Martin Caird, Professional Photographer in Prince Edward Island


As a professional Photographer, Videographer and family man of over 25 years, Martin understands the importance of documenting a special day. He has the experience to recognize when to capture genuine emotion in candid and natural photos, and when to direct formal portraits.

Sandpiper Studios has been located in picturesque New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island for the past 20+ years. With a beautiful property backing on to the River Clyde – it’s perfect for an outdoor photoshoot! Or come inside to our professional photo studio.

An important thing to note when choosing your photographer is if they are professional and taking this job seriously. We are a registered business in PEI.

Martin has taken many pictures for me. He has taken my graduation, prom, family reunion, and couples photos – all with extreme professionalism and comfort. Martin has always been quick with providing pictures, with an amazing product! I love his eye for detail and his ability to capture a special moment. It has always impressed me how wide his capabilities are for capturing different times in life. Would recommend him as a professional photographer for any occasion!


Ally Caird


Hey everyone, I’m Martin’s daughter. I grew up watching my Dad take photos and editing them on the computer. When I was old enough, I started to go to weddings with him, learn photography and how to use Photoshop. This all lead me on the path of studying Graphic Design at Holland College and then moving to Mississauga, Ontario to work in the “big city”.

Over the years, I’ve been doing the design work for Sandpiper Studios, such as the branding (oh hey new 2019 logo, it’s about time!), website, and some of the marketing and social media.

I’ve been working for 9 years in the industry, which has given me the opportunity to work with clients like LG, GE and Nike. But I love when a wedding project comes up! Invitation, photo book, guest book, program, place cards, logo/monogram – you name it! To learn more, visit these links listed below.

Hi Ally, The invitations are perfect! Thank you so much for doing this for us and taking the time to get it all just right. Very much appreciated.



The Logo

In the summer of 2019, we were excited to release our new logo for Sandpiper Studios. Here’s a brief explanation on the design:

The sandpiper is looking backwards as to remember memories. Our job at Sandpiper Studios is to capture memories in beautiful photographs, so that family and friends can look back and remember that special day.

We wanted to bring in more representation of Prince Edward Island, so we added in the PEI red dirt/sand, the blue ocean waves and sky at our famous beaches.

We chose a stained glass style for a couple reasons: Martin enjoys working with stained glass and it was a creative outlet for him in his younger days. 2. Paying homage to our faith, as stained glass is a popular style of art in the church. 

The design is enclosed in a thicker circle border to represent that of a photographer’s lens.

Professional Photo Studio

Our professional and private photo studio is located in our New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island home. We have professional lighting, backdrops and you’ll be able to see the photo seconds after on our monitor.

Don’t forget to say hello to Piper, our happy and loveable Australian Shepherd.

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